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Quite frankly I am amazed that in this day and age people still see "doubt" as a good thing. Two thousand years ago when human experience was less well developed, when science could not explain things as clearly and concisely as it does today it makes sense that people would believe things with no proof or evidence to the contrary. Doubt in today's society no longer holds place.

Think of a man accused of murder and sitting trial. What would our society be if there were no proof of his guilt and no evidence to suggest his guilt but because of "doubt" we find him guilty none-the-less and commit him to death. In our judicial system today we must prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to find him guilty. Why does this same logic not hold to religion? Why do we continue to believe these ridiculous notions of the universe when there is absolutely no proof or evidence to support them? Why do we doubt the veracity of some religions but wholeheartedly believe the truth of others?

I for one, believe it is time to put doubt aside entirely and accept the evidence and proofs of science. Certainly we do not know everything and most likely we never will. But based on information that we have it seems so remotely unlikely the supernatural being exists.