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I'm still listening to the program, but I have to thank you now for making and airing it. It's so good to hear doubt praised rather than criticised.

As a poet, I've long embraced doubt, which Keats conceptualized and praised as Negative Capability. I understand and have come to agree with Ms. Hecht's insistence that labels like "Atheist" or even "Agnostic" or "Skeptic" can carry too much baggage, though at this time in history I find it useful to call myself an Agnostic Secularist, because I think it's important, above all else, to get religion out of government before the world destroys itself over articles of dogma. Between what's going on in Gaza and the looming tensions between Pakistan and India, not to mention the religiously motivated attacks on 9/11, there's no doubt at all in my mind that the arrogant certainties of religion have no place in international relations.