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The Doubt Quiz is strangely worded, especially for interdisciplinary students of science and theology such as myself. Practically, constraints on time and human memory prohibit complete knowledge of all things through science; theologically, one cannot fully comprehend all things about God. My religion — which claims infallibility when speaking "from the Chair of Peter" — speaks also of "ongoing revelation" which suggests it does NOT currently contain all truths. Most statisticians and competent test-takers know that "All" or "Never" statements about real life are are always false. Also, since according to Aquinas, God exists outside of time, memory is unnecessary, and prayer does not "change" things; they are and have always been the same, with prayer a factor in their existence. I was surprised to see my results indicating I am an agnostic or atheist. I guess I have "Doubt" about the validity of the quiz.