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Ms. Hecht should have run her little quiz past an actual scientist before coming up with her rating scale. Specifically, question 12 asks "Do you believe that the world is not completely knowable by science?"

The world is not completely knowable by science, and no responsible scientist would claim otherwise. Quantum indeterminacy is called "indeterminacy" for a very good reason. There are some things we will never know. And this is true not because we aren't trying hard enough, or looking in the wrong places, or using inadequate equipment. We literally can't know them. That's the way the Universe is built. (For what it's worth, this plugs into Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and, in mathematics, to Kurt Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem.)

I truthfully (and accurately) answered "Yes" to Question #12. Ms. Hecht's rating scale said "If you answered No to all these questions, you're a hard-core atheist and of a certain variety: a rationalist materialist. If you said no to the first seven, but then had a few Yes answers, you're still an atheist, but you may have what I will call a pious relationship to the universe. If your answers to the first seven questions contained at least two Not Sure answers, you're an agnostic. If you answered Yes to some of the questions, you might still be an atheist or agnostic, though not of the materialist variety. If you answered Yes to nine or more, you're a believer."

So, according to Ms. Hecht's rating scale, I am not a 100% pure, hard-core, rationalist materialist. I disagree. I think I'm more of one than Ms. Hecht is. I follow the evidence where it leads, regardless of how uncomfortable it may make us feel.