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My response is more to Krista Tippett's journal entry about this program. The declaration of Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins as extremists shows a clear unwillingness to question your beliefs and a serious misunderstanding of what they are saying. Perhaps they say it in a way that makes it impossible for you to hear it. But because of your biases not their extremism. What they are saying, ultimately, is that you have to be willing to take responsibility for your own morality. Your whole world revolves around your unwillingness to do so.

Your excuse is always that "God wants" and it allows you to justify doing anything to anyone. Slavery and segregation were long supported by religious leaders. It is only those who opposed the theology that finally managed to make slavery illegal and segregation less popular. Our current, and most religious president ever, has made torture acceptable public policy with little doubt expressed from those with religion and morality. I guess when you believe that "freedom is a gift from God" you don't need the idea of justice. But as long as you worship god you are permitted anything. You permit anyone to question anything as long as in the end they come back to a belief in god. And you mistake that belief as morality. Take responsibility for your actions and stop calling it God's will. Then we can talk about morality.