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I am a recent BFA sculpture graduate from the University of Georgia and have always considered myself a doubter. I find that doubt and the consistent quest for knowledge is an essential part of the human experience. However, what I am realizing we doubters may need is a counter example to religious structure. Could it be possible to produce a narrative that encapsulates both the extent of our current knowledge of the universe and the deficiencies of that knowledge? Could we express, poetically, in a text inspired by reality as we perceive it, all the wonder and grandeur and mystery of the world without the influence of dogma?

Religion does not have a monopoly on inspiration. So why should they have monopoly on all the mystery in the universe? We have to own our doubt and our ignorance to move forward both individually and as collective. What we are consistently told is that science lacks any guidance on the meaning of life. So let's try to form a coherent structure for drawing meaning from what science currently tells us we know. If I can say my understanding of the world helps me to live in it, so could everyone else. In my experience there continue to be many notions about the nature of the world and reality and humanity that we must question. But doubt should never be an impediment to our constant commitment to keeping our eyes open and interacting with others on the basis of love for the world and all that is in it.