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I've always been proud of my skepticism, and particularly of my cynicism, because I don't feel alive unless I question everything I believe, and everything I've been told. You know — the "people" versus "sheeple" thing. You have no idea how much it pains me to compliment anything I find on an offensively pretentious, cult-building vehicle like NPR. Yet I must admit your show, "A History of Doubt," was extraordinary. I greatly appreciate you devoting time to the only topic that really moves our species forward. For what it's worth, Speaking of Faith is one of the few shows on NPR that honors me with meaningful discussion rather than insulting my intelligence with social programming, and I appreciate that. That recent interview with Ingrid Mattson was fantastic, also. Krista's a good egg. Congratulations to both host and guest for a job well done. Feel free to bring Ms. Hecht back anytime (on The Happiness Myth?). I can't believe NPR finally devoted a little time to helping people think for themselves, rather than programming them!