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Your column on "doubt" spurred me to make a comment on atheism, that I hope adds light to the subject. Often I think that the problem so many atheists have with the idea of God is the same problem people of Eastern religions would have: believing that God is a separate entity from us.

If we were able to truly embrace the idea of "Oneness" and understand it experientially, we may feel that there is no God "that is outside of us," or that is not "part of all that is." So if the atheists or agnostics could try to picture God as the intelligence behind the universe, as the Divine Awareness that we are all a part of, they may be willing to acknowledge that the whole is greater than the individual parts added together. But even if there is no "separate" God, that doesn't mean that our consciousness and awareness doesn't live on after our bodies have passed…

If God is not a separate being/entity and is in fact part of all that is (including us), than I can understand how an atheist would reject the Western (Judeo-Christian) idea of God. But before we throw the baby out with the bath water, we might want to redefine our perception of God. It's been said before, but even the word "God" has a lot of baggage. Maybe if we just thought of "Beingness" or some other way of perceiving this divine energy and awareness it would allow us to live more fruitful lives and understand what Love is all about.

Oneness (even that word is getting old). We're all down here together, and we're all connected.