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This is less a suggestion than a fan letter, pure and simple. I try never to miss your program. On Saturday mornings, it begins my day. Many years ago, I came to understand that organized religion was simply not for me. That realization did not, however, end my search for understanding — an understanding that can never, of course, be truly achieved; only sought. I have come to value highly your weekly discussions and their own ongoing searching.

Reading your introduction of this week's subject of doubt has reminded me of a philosophy professor who long ago departed this life. He would open his undergraduate class on religion by drawing a line on his blackboard. At the left end of the line he would write the words, "religious belief", and then turn to face the class: "Okay, what goes at the other end?" Most often, the answer was atheism. Certainly that was the response he always hoped for — because then he could say, "No, no," as he wrote the word "atheist", just under religious believer. "They're both sure. At the other end, we would put," as he wrote, "agnostic, because they don't pretend to know any of it for sure." I thank you and most of your guests for not knowing anything for sure.