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Mr. Lewis, thank you for making such a positive impact on my day and my life. I also believe in the importance of building a beloved community through love and nonviolence. I believe that this not only Dr. King's dream, but it is also God's dream for all creation. Like you, I believe that I'm not doing enough and I'm not reaching out effectively to the younger generations. Would you be interested in working on a redrafting of the Pledge of Nonviolence from the civil rights movement, to create a "Pledge of Nonviolence for the New Millennium? The idea is to take this pledge and put it into todays context and into today's words. However, the key points of love, nonviolence, sacrifice and service would remain consistent. I felt "lead" to start this recently and found the process of recreating the pledge both powerful and transformative.

Skip Hutton
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee Member
St. Augustine, Florida