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I am born, raised and live a muslim but married for about thirty years to a Christian. We have three girls and son. As a student, a youth, a Special Troop and a Diplomat I woorked hard throughout my life with LOVE. I was abused, denied EVEN salaries for months as diplomat, neglected, my life threatened and abandoned abroad by my people and country yet continued to hold my own guards. Try to hold my family together and with sanity I have been fighting hard than before to raise and give these children a father, education and a life each. This isnt always easy and great to recall. A fall from grace to grass, from diplomatic immunity to doubtful refugee status, I prayed from my own country, the people who hurt me and LOVE them all. My worry has always been that I could have been wrong loving my enemies and not fighting them but this morning, the morning of EASTER, a time of resurrection I i had JOHN LEWIS spoke clearly as though biblical; "its is gonna be OK.." John you resurrected my spirit and hopefully oneday I shall be privileged to speak out perhaps through Krisat Tippett to world. "We stil have goodness and good people on this earth. With sanity and love every pain deminishes several folds and several of the several folds severals times, comes such great days of testimony like we heard from JOHN. I STILL FEAL I CRY A LOT JOHN, BUT HOPE TO BE CONSOLED WIPPING THEM TEARS OF LOVE FROM THE CHINS OF THE ABUSED. WE SHALL OVERCOME AND I AM MOVING MY FEET OUR FATHER. It still is not easy to maintain faith in one's enemies. Be blessed.