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The Higgs Boson particle discussion was wonderful, but one very important point I believe that needs to be made is the following.

This is a beautiful example of how science works and differs from other forms of inquiry. How do we know TRUTH. We know something is true when you can use that information to make accurate predictions.

Here a theory was developed to understand the forces of matter. Is it true? In this example, if true, the Higgs Boson particle should exist. From the discussion it sounded like they are still unsure if the Higgs Boson particle was detected, so much more work still needs to be done (very exciting opportunity of more imaginative thinking). Depending upon the field of endeavor, a minimal number of completely independent methods of detection or experiments are required before one begins to believe that there is truth in the measurement. For example, the FDA requires two independent experiments to believe that the measurement provides truth and can be used to make a prediction on the future use.

Ultimately, however, TRUTH requires that accurate predications can be made with that new understanding and this is the power of science.