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My wife, Regina, and I appreciate your show. We especially found Joan Halifax helpful in teaching about death. In June, Regina was diagnosed with lung cancer which has spread into her lymph nodes. We pray that she has a long time left to live. Her diagnosis has spawned a deap spiritual search.

I was a run-away Catholic until we found 79-year-old Father John Clay of St. Stanislaus parish in St. Paul. Father Clay teaches us about love. His homilies are always about love, which is a very helpful guide when facing death. One nun said that listening to Father Clay is what she imagines listening to Jesus would be like. Father Clay's sermons are really theology lessons about love. His teachings are very similar to Buddhism in that he points to what we can do within ourselves. Regarding traditional Catholic teachings, Father Clay counsels to look at what they are "pointing towards" rather than taking them literally. He directly challenges the Church's teaching against gay people.