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As a hospital worker, I had to find my faith quickly, or the death and suffering would tear me down emotionally. Now I see death as neither good or bad, only as normal and as natural as birth. So often I encounter patients or their family who believe death is the worst thing that could happen to someone. This is absolutely not true, and anyone with true faith would know not to fear death absolutely as so many do.

What bothers me most in the hospital is seeing people sacrifice privacy, dignity, their estate, and pain-free happy living for fear of death, all the while praying for a few more days of miserable living. It seems so contradictory. I will miss my loved ones who pass before me, and I will miss this world when it is my turn to go. However, I do believe in God, and in an afterlife, so I fear not. What is it in our culture that fosters this horrible fear, even in people who say they have faith?