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I have a dear friend who cannot accept death and dying. As a Hospice nurse, I spent many hours if not days trying to explain to her how important it was to "be there" when a person dies. One day, as an exercise to better understand our job with Hospice, the entire staff came together and was told each person must write a poem that had a special meaning for us as individuals. The following poem is a result of that exercise, and why I continue to be there when people die, and I will be there when my friend dies.

She Wants to Know
She says she does not understand death.
Why was I brought into this world
To struggle, suffer, then die?
If that is all there is, then why bother
Being born at all?

She wants to know the purpose of death.
If it has no purpose,
Why must I die?
Why can't I continue on,
Doing good for people, helping people?

She wants to know who decided there would be death.
I don't believe God thought up death.
Why should I die because of Adam and Eve?
I did not eat the apple,
So why do I have to pay for their sins?

She says she is not afraid to die.
I will die if someone can explain why.
I will die if there is a purpose I can understand.
Since I can do none of these,
I believe death is not something in which I can partake.