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I am a regular listener to WNYC and came across Speaking of Faith today featuring Ms. Halifax and her experience with end-of-life issues. I, too, recently lost my father and experienced death in the peaceful surroundings of the Hospice of Austin, Texas and those lovely ladies who provided much needed and appreciated support during a very hard and trying time. Although his stay was short, the whole experience gave me such a new and hopeful prospective on death and dying. As Ms. Halifax mentioned, it IS a part of life. It helps if the person, like my father, dies peacefully of course. But it should not be feared and I feel so very grateful that I was able to experience death as a positive and natural thing. Another phase to life.

With Father's Day tomorrow, I was glad to hear such calm and reassuring words from Ms. Halifax as I contemplate my father's life and death. And I hope to hear more discussions of this type in the future. It is good that people are discussing life AND death in the same context. For, in death, one's life should be celebrated!