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Dr. Krauss reminds me much of a gentleman I knew well as a child. Both are engaging, interesting, and entertaining. And both have the ability to charm people into kindly smiling upon their deep-seated contempt and hatred for a large group of their fellows. Mr. X's racism, fortunately, can now only be smiled upon in the darkest of corners. Dr. Krauss'--a word as handy as 'racism' hasn't come into usage yet, but let's call it a philosophical materialism deeply contemptuous of and aggressive towards religious thought and believers--though, is still smiled upon under the stage lights of all our elite institutions. It's really a shame to see it on this show (though to be fair, Krista did seem somewhat embarrassed at points by Krauss' sneering and attempted to either steer him to other topics or weakly challenge him on his ignorance and prejudice).

Dr. Krauss' perspective on what he actually knows something about was both enlightening and entertaining. Still, though, he is perhaps the worst guest you have ever had on this show.