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I think what he is trying to discover/explain is the process as to how it is that we are dust and to dust we shall return. If everything in the universe is composed of matter; in the biblical sense what we know as dust. Scientifically, how and why does this occur in the universe? Krista kept pushing on the question of origin; so if we originate from dust/matter and we and everything else in the universe becomes a form of life and death only to start the process again. Why do we think as humans that we are so unique if we have/are a source of matter in all of its different stages? Does origin really matter and how can we not love one another and the universe knowing that is part of oneself. Surely, we speak of things we do not understand, things too wonderful for us to know.

I would not discount him as a crazy Galileo. I think he is on to something, perhaps and appreciation and more diplomatic approach towards the beliefs and views or interpretations of different religions trying to understand the complexities of our universe would serve him better. Great shows Krista, please keep doing what you are doing, I love your work.