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I listen to On Being (usually the full interviews) to hear from individuals who inspire me, who exemplify compassion, self-awareness, humility, and wisdom. Whether people interviewed are religious, atheist, or agnostic, I learn volumes from them and their ways of being in the world. Unfortunately, this guest was different--though I agreed with much of the content of what he said. He insisted on relentlessly caricaturing people of faith. Such a dynamic toward the other is the core of prejudice and bigotry, and the opposite of what I would want to emulate myself, or see emulated in others. I have to say, the impression this interview gave me was of a huge ego on a stage. Krauss' scientific knowledge and insights are fascinating. Yet I have appreciated learning from other scientists who disseminate knowledge and encourage questioning and discovery without the belligerent subtext and without characterizations lacking nuance. I am a fan both of On Being and of Ms. Tippett and have listened to essentially every interview in the archive.