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I like the fact that you use conditioning, the process of rewards and punishments to change a behavior and relate it to religion. I am not convinced that god exists for all species and without god people would be in chaos. I open doors and have morality and think everything religious was invented by a person at some time. Not, discovered by the chosen and forced upon polytheists. If so why are their different religions. And why do some not have god or some have several gods. Also, where in the universe is heaven? Is it above Earth, out by Pluto, the Milky Way. Is hell in the Sun, or in the rocks of the Earth? I am glad though that the idea of faith is what makes you think that you are a good person, however, it is not the only reason people are good. So if people don't kill, its because of God? What about the people who do kill? Did they not get enough God? And if Goid is there why would he allow a bunch of murders to occur in his name, crusades and such?