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I am truly a little stunned about how closed minded Dr. Krauss is toward any views other than his own. He simply attacks (loudly as if he is hurrying to bury any thought or discussion). Quite frankly, I don't find anything very interesting or intellectually challenging about his points. I am certainly not a religious person, but there are questions that are worthy of discussion. Kant long ago made the convincing point that there are things outside of our ability to understand - with or without science. As Pascal said many years ago: "If one subjects everything to reason our religion will lose its mystery and its supernatural character. If one offends the principles of reason our religion will be absurd and ridiculous....There are two equally dangerous extremes, to shut reason out and to let nothing else in." (21,xix) from Pascal in Pensees. I feel like i listened to a constant whining about letting nothing else in.