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Phil,I do agree with you. I see a stark contrast between Dr. Krauss' approach and sensitivity to other worldviews than Krista's other guests. There's an edge of underlying hostility and anger toward the spiritually minded that he seems to have no problem showing. His affect is pretentious and haughty. To me there is no separation between the sciences, philosophy and religion. The pursuit of truth and knowledge is our aim. I like your comment "philisophical materialism". There is a lack of honesty and integrity in the scientific community about presumptions and what is truly observable. For example: quarks. We must approach life with humility and openness else we become inaccessible. However, I so greatly admire Krista's grace and trust of her listeners. She doesn't ever need the last word. She trusts us to draw out our own conclusions. What a fantastic example of journalism at it's finest.