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Krista Tippett's discussion with Lawrence Krauss was uncomfortable partly because he kept interrupting her. Also, it is always difficult to hear someone commit the original sin belligerently. My response is to his haughty description of our earliest believers.

Those ancient "illiterate peasants" were such a blessing to us! While looking up at the stars, down at the flowers and into the eyes of loved ones, they realized this world was a gift. Air, water, night and day were all created so we would have a place to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Spiritual evolution allowed us to bow our knee and relinquish the position of God back to our Creator. It's a choice. Once we are no longer attempting to be God, we can be forgiven and cared for by the One who is greater than ourselves. The blessing is there, just waiting to be opened. My prayer is that Mr. Krauss evolves spiritually so he can experience the love, joy and peace that have filled believers through the ages. May his head be filled with peace and his heart be filled with love.