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I have listened to Dr Krauss over the years, and I have appreciated his explanations of scientific phenomena. Lately, his interviews have become unbearable, and this particular one was so bad I had to turn it off half way through. I listen to all of Krista's unedited interviews, and this is the first time I have taken such displeasure in a guest. He was clearly just there to grandstand. He barely listened to her questions or let her finish them, and took every opportunity to get the conversation off the course she was trying to steer him down. He choose a very specific type of simplistic, fundamentalist religious view to argue with and can't see to understand the more sophisticated religious perspectives; to him, science is truth, and that's that. I found him disrespectful and his answers rote--I've heard them all before from Christopher Hitchens (in a MUCH more entertaining way), Richard Dawkins (in an equally annoying way), and Daniel Dennett. Boring and annoying. I felt bad for Krista; how rude he was to her.