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What a brilliant trick was pulled off today during the show. Unless, it wasn't a trick and, as Lawrence Kraus said, (I think) that the existence of dark matter "causes"? our existence, because, nothing and it's weight in reality (is that a metaphor?) seems to exist next to something. Now my brain is shredding again. Whatever, I was happily beginning my traditional day of Sunday ----what ?---remembering formal worship---honoring my own roots---thinking about the unknown? I had just started thinking how wonderfully annoying it was to have been brought up with the teaching that I must defend my faith (if it is real it is ultimately evident,) or, the subject and the unknowingness of it is real). As always, I ramble. Anyhow, suddenly, the power disappeared, and, I was left suddenly somewhat more awakened, I was still lying in bed, eyes closed, reveling in my half-asleep state in my 73rd year of life. Ah yes, the power had gone off---what would happen---where was the rule about---there must be music or we'll think the world is coming to an end. (I was pretty sure I was not dead/ dead as I was still thinking---echoing the I am of being.) OK, and, I could still move, but, then again, the power came back on and the question of nothing ness was still on the air but, shortly, within seconds, the power went off again. Now being slightly annoyed, I began to hear the lovely morning sounds of my reality and heard a bird awakening and taking joy in his/her day beginning and then, technology appeared with the sound of a car (I always forget that electricity and it's harnessing for a radio program is technology and as I write this I thank ?????(Dark Matter, my Lord, Love of this World) fully remembering that I had just donated to NPR. Then the power came back and there was that Science vs. Religion question raising it's ugly head. I have enough to worry about without two totally man made schools of thought fighting (competing?) over how to describe something that, putting those two ideas together, is indescribable). I mean, if God is Love (and, that notion gets my vote), how can we even begin to address why the entities of this world and universe can not run smoothly towards our total fulfillment which cannot be as silly as the plug being pulled or the electricity failing. See---I 'm sitting here thinking about----and then, the program again lost power, and, I started thinking about using my head and getting up, since I had a pleasant task ahead of me---traveling to see people I love, some of whom I had helped to bring into this worldj. And, what should I hear but Lawrence Kraus, beginning to really get to the point of his talk with Krista Tippet. He seemed to be complaining about the fact that people weren't thinking. They were being too distracted by technical advances (the advances that help us work, find another person to prove we're still alive, go out into the world, serve our needs, and let me drive myself to see those people I love). And, why did I think????Because, in the silence of the loss of power, I could hear the bird, the car, and, still innately wanting to justify this existence---I had a thought. And continued TO THINK. What a trick NPR, Krista Tippett and Lawrence Kraus pulled off. Such wonderful human congress thought up the most wonderful trick to make us think and, of course, even laugh at the later thought that there are no accidents and either the whole event was as brilliantly planned as the best party I ever attended, (LIFE is the best party I ever attended) or.....dark matter allowed the power to go off? See, either way, It, Life in the Spirit) is the best party. Kudos to all!!!!!