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This is one of the best shows I've heard on the radio, and that is saying a lot given the number of high quality shows on public broadcasting channels. I am a bit puzzled as to why it took so long to get Krauss on the show and why there was seemingly so much resistance. History teaches us that our culture, mindset, and institutions (e.g., government, education, churches) have an incredible impact on our lives and our future. Our modern world is due to both scientific and cultural advances that together change the way we view ourselves, others, and our place in the universe. We are now at a point where our political and economic institutions are stressed and in need of change and where religion is still used to justify harm to others. Krauss' notion that science, rationality, and empiricism can provide everything that religion provides, but in a better way, is a concept that we need to explore and use as a guide to transform our current institutions and beliefs. Although I am not religious, I doubt that science will ever satisfy everyone as a better choice than religious beliefs. I suspect many people just feel more comfortable thinking that there is an afterlife, nirvanna, all-powerful being, etc. These beliefs clearly have real impact on people's lives and behaviors, regardless of whether or not the belief is true or false. The question is whether the beliefs overall have more negative effects than positive. That is an empirical and philosophical question that science, rationality, and empiricism can and should address.