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Nope. Unless you mean the "God is whatever I don't know" variety of God. Science is man's way of understanding the world. Science says (essentially) the universe is sufficient, to explain itself, pictured correctly. All religions that I know of, share in common, that the universe is not sufficient, to explain itself. And, while a few Catholics helped develop and apply the scientific method (along with protestants, atheists, Moslems, and maybe some pagans thrown in, the best that can be said about them developing it, is that they occasionally didn't completely deny it. Kraus doesn't hang his hat on a "method" anyway, it seems to me. He hangs his hat on asking questions. All religions start with answers. Christianity doesn't ask a single important question. It claims to know everything important! The biggest threat of science to religion, is not in what it can ever "disprove", but in the questions that it inevitably raises in people. When you claim to have all the answers, questions terrify you.