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Lawrence Kraus dis-believes in the same god that evangelicals and other fundamentalists believe in -- the man with the white beard on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. This is an unfortunate and profound mistake, which reflects his self-imposed ignorance of modern thought among many religious movements.

Reading Maimonides or St. Augustine really won't help; would he have us read only Copernicus to understand modern science? He needs to *study* with some of today's leading religious thinkers.

Also, he misses (or dismisses) one truth: life as it is lived today is *not* fundamentally very different from life lived thousands of years ago. We are born. We grow up among a community day to day, year to year. We grapple with good and evil, the ugly and the beautiful. We reproduce. We live our lives. We die. Today, we can still learn a lot from our ancestors about that experience and cycles of being. This is true even though all of our feelings and emotions are based on the chemistry and structures of our brains and bodies. And, the guy with the white beard has nothing to do with it.