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This definition fails for a number of reasons. Atheism is a conclusion and not an epistemology. It can be arrived at through differing epistemologies. It is probably true that this conclusion (atheism) is usually arrived at through the rigorous use of logic, empiricism, and the scientific method. Your use of the term "fundamentalist" seems to be an attempt to discredit the epistemology of the scientific method by equating it to fundamentalist religions. I would agree that fundamentalist religions, as with all religions, have their epistemology wrong. It is not the fundamentalism (In the general use of the term, i.e. strict adherence to fundamental principles) that is wrong it is their epistemology.
You seem to believe that there are equally valid ways of knowing that compare with the scientific method. Instead of backhandedly insulting those that think science is the best means to acquire knowledge, put forth your argument for why others should be considered.

First, I fail to see the connection between a person's position on the existence of god(s) and their epistemology as related to science and empiricism.