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Life is complex, rich, powerful. A big part of it is subtle and 'abstract' so it's usually taken as being the weaker part of this existence. It also takes a particular faculty of the person/personality to be aware of it directly, 'practically' and to use it, do much with it. I believe humans are still evolving and more quickly so, maybe even transiting to an entire new entity ("computers are taking over"--and we created them) but maybe more of us will achieve it as we go, as we gained 'consciousness' at about the time of Christ (Julian Jaynes)...

I have always resented that religion had appropriated this realm and in that has organized, stylized, rigidized, routinized it and that artists are generally marginalized--exactly the negation of it (not absolutely, universally, of course, religious people do very often catch the true mystery and privilage of being alive, musicians and authors are venerated!) --We 'create' our lives (or someone creates it for us--we actually create each other's) and we should be more aware of that fact.

The key is letting yourself become aware of it--this is what Alan Rabinowitz (and certainly many others) do but it takes both: native sensibility and the chance to develop it--matched up with the skill and capacities to do something with it, make something out of the realization, awareness.

Thank you