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This is a haunting story about how even though people are really different, they are also the same. I have experienced this.... talking with my, then father in law, in Jordan a decade or two ago. It is surprising the things that make us so similar. And sweet.

I certainly understand why some people feel that way about having kids.... I feel so opposite. I feel like I would be robbed of so much by having other little needy entities taking away resources from me and the rest of the world. I also feel like we should not need children to fill a hole. I fill my own hole. It is a decision that is long gone (at my age)... but I never regret not having kids.

All of you that have kids.... will vehemently disagree. But then, you will never know what it feels like to have time to care for others without having to deal with your own under foot. Both kinds of people are needed. I just wish our society didn't look so disparagingly on the childless. Our lives can be VERY full too.