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Jillian, thanks so much for speaking up for the childless. I, too, never wanted children, and I fully agree with you. Children take up a whole lot of ones time and energy, and that's for the rest of one's life, not just until they're grown (once they're grown the grandkids aren't far behind). That leaves much less to give to others who may have needs. I'm thankful for people like you in the world.

And, yes, I also disagree with the notion that we need to have children to fill a hole in us. If I were younger (I'm also past the age when I can choose to have children) this story likely would have made me choose to have a child, but then how would that have turned out for me? Maybe it would have gone badly. I wasn't mothered growing up, which is the main reason I never wanted to have children of my own, and why I don't have the maternal instinct. Who knows, it may have turned out well, but then again, it may have turned out badly.

And another angle: The world is very overpopulated. That is an "inconvenient truth" that those who love children don't want to face. Those of us who choose not to have children are doing the planet and wildlife a huge favor and leaving more space for other life besides human life. Lets face it, a human being has a certain ecological footprint required just to feed us, and there is no getting around that. And most people want far more than the minimum needed to sustain life. So each human born takes away lots of ecological resources from other forms of life. I'd rather keep other forms of life around like the big cats, birds, and all other threatened species, rather than overrun the planet with humans and kill everything else off. Our society is so pro-natal and child-oriented, and the childless are bashed here and there, even in shows like this.

One thing I'd like to bring up about the communication between the Mongoloid pygmy and Alan: They couldn't communicate directly and needed 3 translators (according to Alan) to communicate verbally. This message about the huge hole in Alan had to go through 3 translators, and something could have been mis-interpreted somewhere. Yet the interpretation of this segment is that Alan decided to stay with his wife and have children with her, and everything worked out in the end. Yet I have heard it is bad practice usually to have kids to save a relationship. It worked out for Alan, but this segment implies that it will work for anyone. Just wanted to bring that up.