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I do not own a TV. In fact, it has been over 15 years since I watched anything on TV. Instead I am a long-time radio listener and your show rates at the top of my list. I love Sundays because I spend the morning and afternoon in my temple (Bhakti temple in NYC) and then I come home to listen to my favorite shows on the radio and yours is the last one I listen to before my evening meditation. I have loved and savored so many of them: the one with Desmond Tutu was incredible as well as all the work that you are doing based on Einstein. This interview with Shane was mind-blowing. I was riveted and this morning I went back to listen to the uncut version. I found myself transported to another place in time and nodding over and over again — yes that's it exactly!

I grew up in the 50's and 60's and my father was a Methodist minister who also became a civil rights activist in Detroit during this time as inspired by such great leaders such as Martin Luther King. I went to peace marches with my family and fasted with them as a protest to the Vietnam War. All of this shaped me greatly. My father did experience burnout during this period and also became bitter and disgruntled with the church. He left his ministry to become a teacher in the inner city and also left our family. This experience had a negative effect on me. I really felt a huge disconnect from my Christian faith and the church and also family life. This struggle sent me seeking answers in the arts, working and living the frenetic and passionate life as a professional dancer. Eventually I moved to New York and left the dance world and my own relationship of ten years. I also found myself bitter and disgruntled with this world that I lived in and had created, which appeared as very egocentric and narcissistic. Out of desperation and lonesomeness I searched wholeheartedly for a connection to love, life, and God.

This took many forms, paths, and trials such as living in the Anthroposophic community in Spring Valley, New York; living in Kenya studying music and creating a community based project; and working in the Brooklyn Children's Museum Youth Alive program. I also got involved with a Sufi community here in NYC and then went back to school to finish a degree in Chinese Medicine.

I am now 56 and have finally found a community and teacher who has inspired and rekindled this longing for relationship, family, love, compassion, leadership, social action, education, science, healing, caring, humility, selfless service, and devotion. This is what I have found in the Bhakti Yoga practice of Krishna Consciousness as fostered by Sri A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. This is why the interview with Shane spoke to me, how exciting that this is really happening across the globe, and in my ways, and through many faiths. I am eager to share his writing with members in my own community.

Thank you for this excellent work you do. I am grateful to people like you and Shane and my guru Radhanath Swami Maharaj. This is a powerful time, perhaps even stronger then the 60's because of exactly what Shane said, the fragility of the planet. We can either turn away in fear and apathy or we can face the world and the terror with love, humility, devotion and eagerness to act out of this place.