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I listened to the On Being podcast of The Poetry of Ordinary Time by Marie Howe. It was by far the best On Being podcast that I’ve listened to during this semester. She comes from a large catholic family and mentions that they have issues just like most any other family. She writes poetry to talk about how she sees the world and how her family fits into the world. I seemed to be able to relate to her stories. One story was about her brother who passed away. She said she used poetry to deal with how she felt. My twin sister passed away ten years ago. Last semester I had taken a creative writing class. The first weeks of the class were about writing poetry. It was one of the best classes I’ve taken. I learned that I could be good at poetry. The words didn’t have to rhyme. I didn’t have to use a million metaphors and descriptions. I just had to write. It was at that time that I was able to put down on paper some of my feelings that I couldn’t express out loud. My feelings were deep, deeper than I ever thought possible. And writing poetry was so therapeutic. Listening to this podcast reminded me how poetry can be so liberating and free. Poetry can be whatever you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be deep in meaning. It can just be a statement. I am not one to write long detailed paragraphs explaining something three different ways so that everyone can understand it or so that I fill a whole page up. Poetry seems to fit my writing style. She also talked about she has her students write about things that they see each day. They can’t use descriptions or comparison. It reminded me of mindfulness and how essential being mindful is in today’s world. We seem to get so wrapped up in everything these days that we don’t take the time to “just see”. I am glad I listened to this podcast. It is one that I will listen to over and over again.