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Reading an article about the birth of Jesus really had me thinking, as i have never paid much attention about it. There are so many questions surrounding the birth of Jesus, starting from how he was conceived. We see that Jesus's mother Mary conceived in a way that most people won't understand, i.e. not the normal way that most of us would expect, and that is way far beyond our understanding. But at the end of it , this was all God's work and we know that He usually does His things in a way that we can't understand most of the time.

When you look at the Birth of Jesus, it signified the Beginning of salvation, it signified improved relationship between God and his people, it signified salvation of God's people, and most importantly it was the bridge that we human kind needed to make it to God. God Himself makes it clear that whoever wanna see Him has to go through Jesus, and that we should listen to him. If you read Ephesians 2:18, it says that, "For through him we both have access by one spirit unto the father." Jesus was born to an ordinary couple, Mary and Joseph the carpenter so that people cannot be afraid of him, but be able to freely communicate with him.

As Jesus being born to Mary as a virgin, it doesn't surprise me at all. because God wanted his one and only son to be brougth into this world by a pure woman, He has good reasons why He wanted it that way. Personally that wouldn't bother me at all as what is important is looking at the big picture and that is Jesus coming into this world and his work; teaching, healing, and forgiving sin and unltimately his death. In general the birth of Jesus was the best thing that ever happened to mankind, as without it we wouldn't be here.