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I sink into the lushness of your being, you two, being the beauty of relationship there on the long time in the studio. I love each drop and if i had it all I would have loved hearing you pick up your bags and the foot steps walking out the door.

Another way of "staring at that little rectangle of light: is we are not alone, there is another, and another, and another sharing our story as they share theirs. It is doing what is happening.. we merging into the fluidity of the all. No longer with "identity" just beings in the merge, the soup pot of the world, of all of us communicating, sharing like wild winds, wild wings beating their in the little rectange of light.

I hope Marie writes her play, OMG she was born into a play to be written. And I hope Krista you are able to write the imperfect book, number one of others.

My experience of writing prose poetry, is to write 2 minutes, 20 minutes, just a little jewel or until the flow gets to a grind, then wash the dishes, makes some calls, I always come back to freshness to write a little more. Back and forth, works well for me.. that way I get things done, on the paper and in the kitchen of my life. It is the woman's way not to sit in cloistured from our life, nose to the keys trying to beat out so many pages in so many hours.