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I just received the newsletter for this week's program, "Liberating the Founders," and was distressed to read that you received so much hateful email about Ms. Mattson's interview last week. I have heard previous interviews you have had with her and every time she speaks I feel like she is a woman of great faith that inspires me to live closer to God in my own life as a Christian. It seems that people miss the point about how faith and the divine inhabit our lives. I look at this time of Easter as one of the celebration of the example of Jesus's perfect love and trust in God so that he would live for Him not for himself. Ms. Mattson speaks as one who tries to live a life that would be pleasing to God by showing the same mercy, justice and love for others as she does for herself. Whether she follows the Prophet Muhammed or Jesus Christ, how can anyone see evil in that? I look forward to listening to this week's broadcast and considering the wisdom it extolls about our country 's own shaky history with religious extremism. May you continued to be blessed in your work.