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I enjoyed the Ingrid Mattson program immensely, particularly the part about her wearing of the hijab as a constant reminder of practicing her faith, of seeing the entire world and anywhere she is as a sacred place. It reminded me of what my spiritual teacher says about there not being our spiritual life and our worldly life — they are one life. She also says that the greatest obstacle on the spiritual path is forgetfulness, which I personally find to be true. I know all the things I intend to do, but sometimes I forget, like when I come across an aggressive driver or a sales clerk in a bad mood. I forget to see them as God too! Anyway, although I know that aspect of her wearing of the hijab is a personal one for her, I can see how it could be used as a great reminder to see the world as a sacred place.

I subscribe to a magazine called Ode, and there is a wonderful interview with Fouad Laroui who wrote On Islamism. I don't recall Krista speaking to him in the past, but he sounds like he might be someone she could use in her effort to balance the information about Islamism in the media. The interview is really good — very informative. Thanks and keep up the great work on one of my favorite radio programs!