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I have a couple of questions, but it takes a little explanation. It is in regard to today's show featuring the North American president of the Islamic Society. I heard Ms. Mattson say that some people get confused about what is a cultural practice (like "honor killings") and what is Islam. Then I heard her say that women leaders of groups with non-related male members are not considered a good thing (it was not clear if she thought it was a good thing).

I have not read the Koran, so I don't know anything about Islam. But isn't her leadership of a group of non-related male members of the Islamic Society then considered a bad thing? Is the view about women not being leaders of groups that include non-related male members a part of the Koran? Does the Koran view women as unequal to men? Are they thought of as subservient? Thank you, I really do want to know, I am not trying to be provocative.