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These people are committed to their spirituality completely and utterly, it is typical of a christian/catholic to pour scorn on it, they work hard at their practices, day in day out, and share their knowledge, they are disiplined and dedicated, their knowledge is vast,and they research huge amounts, nobody has bigger libraries than these people.
SVP and other such compassionate organisations are funded by the public, including pagans, who do their charity walks etc too.
The Vatican is the issue here, which is the ultimate hierarchial institution of all, would Jesus approve of it's misuse of wealth,it's arrogance and vanity?.
Jesus was good, Vatican is not.
We all have God within us equally, and each culture had its path within, be it shamanism. hindu, kabbalah, essene, buddhism, taoism, animism, all do the same thing but with different symbols.We pagans/alternative spirituality people have realised that we can connect our inner-computer to the internet after being bluffed that we can only use a disc handed to us by an organisation we happen to be born near.
I talk to trees, flowers tell me how I can use them for healing, everything is alive but you cant/wont attempt to experience it because you do not have that talent, before we were burnt for this but now with the world at its wits end perhaps we can make folk see that there is another path which is safer for our children.
I work with Raphael, is that a sin? am I going to go to purgatory or hell? which would you prefer I did?Catholism is ultimetly about punishment, and waiting on the final punishment to be handed out to others.