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I am sorry that you mistake my passion for gibberish!
I respect those of all religion and those of none, for you to assume otherwise is just assumption.
I think those who repeatedly point to the very grave sins, injustices and crimes of SOME in the catholic church whilst refusing to acknowledge the goodness, acts of humanitarianism, concern for nature, etc, ect, of the majority, display true rigidness and total lack of imagination as well as being disingenuous, dishonest, 'blind' and unfair!
There is no one more sickened and saddened by the crimes of the past which can and never should never be forgotten, but just as there seems to great annoyance and upset at my perceived rigid thought there is also anger at the blatant disregard and total blindness for the many acts of true Christianity carried out by the many, many women and men who have taken to heart the tenet of Jesus Christ's teaching; 'Love one another as I have loved you!'