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As I see it, the problem with the human species is called, "Anthropocentism," the entrenched, inherited view that humans are master over all, owner of earth, possessing inalienable rights to do what we will, with a total lack of respect for the lives, habitat, social order, of all other living systems in nature. Our commodity view of natural "resources" for what economic value they bring, at the cost of destroying everything , is in dire need of transfiguration.

Our religious leaders appear afraid to guide their flocks away from a self designed cliff. The human foot print on our planet, unlike our animal brethren, is proving to be toxic. Pythagoras said, " For as long as man continues to be the destroyer of other living beings, he will never know HEALTH OR PEACE. For as long as man massacres animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain, cannot reap joy or love." While we laud all our advancements in science and technology, the darker side of both is upon us. Our arrogance as a species comes full circle. Please watch Earthlings and The Ghosts in Our Machine.