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I have responded to three tornadoes and two hurricanes over the past year and a half as a member of an emergency response team. I had just returned home after my second stint out in Long Island continuing recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy when I heard this this program. Mr. Zolli's views on resiliency really struck home. His ideas reflect many of the conversations about societal structures and environmental adaptability I have encountered in all of the communities I have worked in. This is definitely something people are talking about at all levels - government, non-profit, and individual families - and a mindset shift that is beginning to be evident in a lot of the places I have been. I appreciate the big picture view and systematic thinking Mr. Zolli brings to the problems at hand, and listening to this program has helped me to reflect deeper on my own experiences and continue thinking about the future of the work programs like mine undertake. This is definitely a conversation that needs to be continued. I'm glad folks like him are pushing this line of thinking forward. I truly believe the well-being of both individuals and communities will rely on how well we can adapt in the coming years. Thank you!