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Another intriguing and timely conversation! This interview, along with the ones featuring Brene’ Brown and Seth Godin, made me think about the work of Stanford researcher, Carol Dweck, on what she calls "Mindsets." For the last couple of decades he has been researching the difference between people who have "fixed mindsets" and "growth mindsets," the latter being essential to resilience, creativity and empathy. The good news is that these ways of viewing the world are not permanent and people who have a fixed mindset can learn to take on a growth mindset. Another researcher, Peter Johnston, has taken this construct and applied it to the language teachers use in their classrooms (which applies as well to the language parents use with their children, and managers with employees, etc.). It turns out that very simple changes in the way we frame our communication have profound effects on how people approach challenges, react to mistakes and failures, and understand themselves as lifelong learners and creators. I would love to hear Krista interview either of these people, and I would highly recommend their books to anyone who has also enjoyed the Zolli, Brown and Godin interviews (Mindset by Carol Dweck; Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives by Peter Johnston).