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"Poptech” pretty much says it all. As substantial as pop-psychology and a perfect fit in this radio show's relentless smarmy smorgasbord of interchangeable and substitutable pop-philosophy/religiosity/spirituality. "The catalyst and curator in the emerging resilience thinking" turns out to be a self-promoter of a pop-sociology slogan not meriting so little as a Wikipedia entry as doesn't the author.

Why does Zolli merit an hour on this radio show? Two thirds of the way through this smug mutual confirmation-bias love-fest with the host, he delivers the On Being money shot - where religious faith is finally consecrated:

"This is one reason why some researchers postulate that systems of faith have been so resilient themselves in human history, and so prevalent, so sticky. Not because the individual content of the beliefs or any particular belief about, within those cosmologies is strictly true or not. But because believing in those kinds of things are the very kinds of things that confer psychological resilience upon us."

Actually, from talking snake to resurrected and ascended virgin birthed son of a deity to winged horse, none of the foundational beliefs of religions are true. Believing those things sprang from the human need for explanations back in the bronze through the dark ages, certainty in those explanations in the absence of knowledge and consolation in the face of suffering. These beliefs can now only persist where ignorance -in the West most of it willful- bars access to the enlightenment that science and philosophy has long offered.

The "psychological resilience" these beliefs confer is complacency and fatalism: Climate change? Not true or not human caused or anyway it's the will of our god; nothing we can or should do about it. And if worse does come to worse, presto! Zola’s "resilience thinking" to the rescue at the last minute. So let's carry on burning the fossil fuel candle at both ends.

Andrew, your check from the fossil fuel lobby should be in the mail. Krista your faith fetish received that shot in the arm you so fervently seek. What's not to like.