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Hi there - I appreciate this response. I wasn't trying to mis-characterize the D.O.D. I recognize how much we ask our military personnel to keep peace in the world: indeed, we dedicate a substantial portion of one of the chapters of our book to the story of an amazing place at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, called Red Team University, where the U.S. Army trains mid-level commanders to think broadly and differently about the complexities of the places in which they have to keep the peace, not make war. Moreover, the point I was making in the interview with Krista was that the military should be applauded for the degree to which it thinks about the long-term. In other word, I was praising the military by trying to contrast it to the terms in which most people think about it. I have nuanced view of the military - I'm sorry if I didn't communicate it clearly - Andrew Zolli