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Hi Genevieve,

In the spirit of speaking across divisions, let me set aside your ad-hominem attacks, and simply address what might be the two substantive critiques you put forth:

First, about whether or not religious faith bolsters resilience. There *are* independent, academic researchers who have found that holding a personal spiritual or religious belief system confers benefits to those that hold such beliefs. Specifically, let me direct you toward the work of Prof. Kenneth Pargament of Bowling Green University - for example, "God help me: (I): Religious coping efforts as predictors of the outcomes to significant negative life events", American Journal of Community Psychology, December 1990, Volume 18, Issue 6, pp 793-824. It's just one of *many* studies on this subject worth examining, critiquing and making your own mind up about. But they do exist.

Second, you suggest that if we focus on adaptation, rather than mitigation, it will breed complacency. I appreciate this concern, but it is exactly the opposite of my point, made elsewhere in this show and beyond, namely: it's precisely because we've *already* been complacent and ignored past risks, that we must now be resilient, whether we like it or not -- because the consequences of climate change and other aspects of our human footprint are already upon us.

I hope you find the above helpful and/or clarifying, and sorry to hear the interview elicited such a vituperative response from you.

yours respectfully,
Andrew Zolli