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Hi Folks,

I am a software artist. I have a new piece that offers to the website visitor a list of everything we need to know to save the world. Each item on the list is about thirty words long. This piece does, as you may imagine, use considerable self-deprecating humor but it is a serious effort. It is also certainly a work in process.

Well anyway, I have listened to this interview with Andrew Zolli five times and from it added item # 14 to my list of "everything we need to know to save the world". Here's how I worded it:

"There is a torrent now of change. But the heroic mode of life - knowing the world is true, knowing you can help, letting difficulties teach you - that can give us work and love and joy."

The art piece is called "Otto Says" and it is here:

By the way, item # 13 on my list is from Rebecca Solnit's article "Too Soon To Tell". It is closely in harmony with Andew Zolli. It's here:

Thanks to all,
Stone Riley
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