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Andrew, you've articulated an enticing North Star here for the disparate conversations that matter today. If I am hearing you correctly, you are celebrating the condition of resilience as a way to enhance the chance of thriving -- as individuals as well as for social institutions -- in the context of continuous flux in economic, cultural, physical systems today. What really works for me here is to reimagine the design directive as a continuous, co-creating equipoise in the relationships among organisms in the system -- rather than the relentless 'gotta grow, gotta accumulate, gotta consume more,' design directive of the prevailing win/lose culture. If fluid equilibrium is a goal, then all actors are themselves flexible, attentive and respectful of the others' ebb and flow of needs and contributions. And then, the communal 'we-ness' of our "shared fate" -- as Doug Smith put it in his book, On Value and Values -- has a shot at guiding our actions toward collective well being. Let's hope. Or rather, let's do what you propose, and act as if. Thanks, Elsie