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To cite "Iron-age madness" as some kind of Crypto- colonial speak by Mr. Harris is absurd! Chris Hitchens regularly referred to the origins of Judaism and then Christianity as curiously sprouting from an "Iron-age" mentality in the middle east. Then a rather lowly and backward desert setting on the outskirts of the Roman Empire.

Judaism and Christianity are both clearly the products of the original "Iron-age madness" and are now also the religious framework on which "western civilization" has been formed.

One need not have to refer back to any bygone colonial period in order to hold Islam to account for it's own current and absolutly horrific belief system on Woman's rights, blasphemy, freedom of the press - just to name a few.

Just to be absolutely clear, Islam is every bit as mindless, cruel and irrational as it's Abraham-ic for-bearers, Judaism and Christianity!